Hair – booN KGI848 hair chocolate
Makeup – .:Glamorize:. Shadow Rock Eyes – Ketchup
Earrings – .:Glamorize:. mm earring – right ear
Bag – Fleshtone :: The Huntington Bag [Glitter] GIFT
Ring – .:Glamorize:. FREEFLY white diamond DOLLARBIE
Coat – SLink  Marigold Winter Coat COLLABOR88
Muffler – ::C’est la vie !:: on the shoulder muffler3(white cheetah)
Pants – Willow~ Cropped Pants – Warm Blush COLLABOR88
Socks – ::C’est la vie !:: socks(white cheetah)
Shoes – ::7Style:: -Ciang- sandals GROUP GIFT

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7 thoughts on “#4

  1. S. Yangtz says:

    your blog is lovely!

  2. larcoco says:

    Thanks for wearing ::C’est la vie!::’s muffler<333

  3. ammoniasl says:

    Thank you larcoco ! my pleasure 🙂

    Ty S.yangtz, i love your blog ^^

  4. xizane says:

    You look Fly as hell! Wonderful Styling and great photos!

  5. ammoniasl says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog xizane 🙂 , I’ve added yours to my list, good job girl!

  6. lifeinskins says:

    I saw you in SL and thought your av was lovely .. and I love your blog too 🙂

  7. ammoniasl says:

    Aww you are so sweet! thank you very much im glad you like it ❤ i added you to my blogroll ! i like your blog and avi too =) xx

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