Wig – Vita’s Boudoir Rainbow Wig EPOCH Legend event
Eyesmakeup – La Malvada Mujer BI collection EPOCH Legend event
Necklace – graph* beastchainnecklace Free EPOCH Legend event
Blouse – [AD] Creations part of Mother Mesh dress MIX + MESH event
Gloves – *VERSHE* Group Gift: Leather Gloves
Bag – MONS BLACK [MESH] Hand Bag Blue MIX + MESH event
Bangle – Hunnies Creations Yellow-Purp-Green Bangles
Skirt – Ricielli part of Minitop (orange) + Highwaisted MiniSkirt MIX + MESH event
Leggins – Fleshtone :: Cable Knit Tights [Yellow]
Shoes – MONS [MESH] Sandals / Black MIX + MESH event

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4 thoughts on “#25

  1. vershesl says:

    <333 you look sooo fab!!

  2. colorlicious! love love love~

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